Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PPO Convention in Dayton

"Boys Club"
Merit Image

"Ghost in the Attic"

"Lookin' Hot"

Merit Image

"Danae & Richard"
page from album entry

"Amanda & Brian"
Page from album entry
Merit album

This past weekend both Cheryl and I attended the Professional Photographers of Ohio's (PPO) spring convention in Dayton. It is always a lot of fun talking with fellow Ohio photographers and listening to some highly respected and talented photographers speak.

We sat in many seminars dealing with children, families, seniors and weddings. I think you can always learn more, no matter what you do.

I competed in the print competition this year. I entered 4 different prints and 2 wedding albums. I was very happy to receive 3 merits. Photographers need 25 merits to become a master. Half of your merits come from print competition and the other half from continued education. A few years ago Cheryl obtained enough merits to become a master! It is a hard long process, and I have only just begun!!

All and all it was a fun but exhausting weekend!

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